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Rane sings to ‘Lok Sabha 2014’ Tune on Dabolim-Mopa Conundrum

Congress Leader of Opposition Pratapsingh Rane has decided to sing the ‘Lok Sabha 2014’ tune on the Dabolim-Mopa conundrum stating that ‘Mopa can wait, Dabolim must be utilised to the maximum first’.

Until a couple of months back Rane had been vocal about the need for another international standard airport in Goa and was supporting Mopa, a fact known to all in the political and business circle. The sudden change in stance while attributed to respecting the views of the people of South Goa, it is also being seen as a song sung by Congress Goa in light of the Lok Sabha 2014 Elections to appease the South Goa voters. Ironically, though, UPA-2 government has already put Mopa Airport (which is a Greenfield Airport) on a fast-track mode.

Question being raised by those agitating against Mopa is whether CLP Leader Rane will take his objections of Mopa and their demands to the Centre and put a complete stop to the Mopa Airport plan or whether this is just a temporary lip-service.

“Congress at the Centre and State have both being pushing for Mopa, and so has BJP. If Pratapsingh Rane is serious that Mopa should wait, then we would like to see him bring a halt to the land acquisition and stay from the Centre on the Mopa project, ” expressed a senior member from Goans for Dabolim initiative.


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