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Rapist Lies To Court To Be Freed

One Jitendra alias Ronak Shirodkar was allowed to get away scot free after lying to the High Court only because the Public Prosecutor Carlos Ferreira did not raise his voice nor inform the Prosecution Department about the development.

Shirodkar was accused of kidnapping a 15-year old girl and raping her in January 2005 and the Children’s Court convicted him. However, even as he appealed against his conviction before the High Court, the State also approached the High Court to enhance the sentence pronounced.

However, Shirodkar filed a joint application with the victim before the High Court stating that the January 2005 incident was consensual and that they wanted to live together and urged the court to drop the proceedings.

As the Public Prosecutor did not contest this application, the High Court set Shirodkar free after reducing his sentence to only 24 days which he had already served.

Surprisingly, the Public Prosecutor also withdrew the State’s application to enhance the sentence seeking a conviction for kidnapping for which he was acquitted by the Children’s Court and this was done without seeking the Director for Prosecution’s permission which is mandatory.

However, after the court order, Shirodkar did not honour his promise of living with the victim who was not even aware of the appeal filed before the High Court.

The Law Department has now recommended that the government files a review application before the High Court and at the same time sought an explanation from Ferreira.

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