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Re-Open Old Sanvordem Bridge, Demand Locals

As traffic jams are becoming the order of the day at the bridge connecting Curchorem to Sanvordem, there is an increasing demand to re-open the old bridge that has survived the test of time and is still in good condition.
Commissioned on 3rd February 1955, the old bridge constructed during the Portuguese regime was the link between Sanvordem and Curchorem and played an important role in Goan trade particularly since the railway station was at Curchorem and the ore dumping yard is in Sanvordem.

After the State government constructed a new bridge a couple of years ago, which was broader than the old one, the old bridge was closed down. However, as the traffic has increased particularly because of the spurt in mining activity as the low grade ore from Goa found a ready market in China, residents of Curchorem and Sanvordem are now facing severe hardships.
Residents from Sanvordem have to cross the river and come to Curchorem for most of their needs like shopping and schooling. Hence, the bridge is of paramount importance to them. But as traffic has increased, it has become quite a harrowing experience for the locals to cross over to the other side.
The demand of the locals was articulated by Kedar Gaonkar from Sanvordem who suggested that the old bridge could be used for two-wheelers and light vehicles whereby the locals would get relief.
The bus owners operating their vehicles in the area also support the demand to re-open the old bridge as they opine that it would reduce the congestion on the new bridge.

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