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Reality of Farmers Protest

In India, the hottest topic going nowadays in normal conversations of common people to debates in news channels is Farmer’s protest taking place in the capital of the country. The protest is still ongoing against three farm laws passed by Indian Parliament in September 2020. Farmer unions and their representatives are demanding that the government should take the laws back and will not accept anything less than that.

Firstly, let us take an analysis of three farm bills in brief. First act is regarding Farmers’ produce trade and commerce also known as the APMC bypass act. Through clause 14 has an overriding power over inconsistent provisions of the state APMC act. Through Clause 3&4 farmers are given freedom to engage in intra-state and inter-state trade of their agricultural produce from sources not restricted to the physical market created under state APMCs. According to Clause 6 it prohibits the collection of any market fee under state APMC act on trade of farmers’ produce outside APMC mandis. Second act naming Farmers agreement of price assurance seeks to create a legal framework for contract farming in India where farmers can deal with a direct agreement with a buyer to sell the produce at pre-approved prices. These buyers may include companies, firms, and societies. The act also provides for a three-tier dispute resolution system that is the Conciliation Board comprising representatives of parties to agreement, the sub-divisional magistrate and appellate authority. Third act that is Essential commodities bill seeks to restrict the power of government for production, supply, and distribution of certain key commodities by removing certain products such as onions, potatoes, cereals and pulses from the list of essential commodities.

We cannot deny the fact that some farmers may find certain issues in these three acts. Demanding the solutions, they started protesting. Government also took cognizance of their issues and started having dialog under with their delegations. More than ten rounds of dialogues happened between government and farmer leaders in January. The protest was going peaceful till that time. But we cannot move ahead without talking about the ruckus that happened on 26th of January this year in the name of protest. Not only on 26th Jan but before it also certain anti India forces got a good opportunity and hijacked the farmers’ protests ongoing. They had sown a seed of doubts and rumours of losing land in the minds of farmers and tried to follow the similar pattern they had done during Delhi riots 2020 through Anti CAA protests. They tried to instigate farmers against the government and ultimately reached their actual planning of defaming India globally. Certain anti India NGOs like Amnesty International became active and started funding a huge amount of money in this protest. They derailed the protest totally and hooligans Khalistani elements took control of the protest. Through this protest they started creating chaos and started demanding bail for people like Sharjeel Imam, Umar Khalid who were arrested during Delhi riots last year.

On 26th January, the reality of farmers’ protest came in front of the whole country when so called farmers disrespected our flag and hoisted a Khalistani flag on Red fort. They created a huge hooliganism on the roads of the national capital that day. More than 400 police personnel got injured in that ruckus and a lot of destruction happened to properties. Someone who disrespect the nation can we tell him a farmer?  This is the only question that strikes our mind after watching all that chaos. Many arrests happened in this riot. Few days later after this scenario international celebrities got involved in this protest. Celebrities like Rihaana, Mia Khalifa and Greta Thunberg started tweeting supporting this anti India so called farmers’ protest and shockingly certain political parties in India are supporting these celebrities. Two days after that a proof of planning of all this riot came in front of us as a document named as “toolkit”. In this document planning of each and every step to create riot was written. This is the reality of this farmers’ protest going on in our national capital.

Anti-Indian forces never wanted to see India growing and developing globally. That is why they keep planning these kinds of riots and hooliganism in India. But unfortunately, opposition gets so blind in opposing the government that they disrespect our nation as well and coordinate with these anti India forces.

Divya Kumari

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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