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Red Corner Notice Against Atala

In a classic case of latching the stable after the horses have bolted, Goa Police have issued red corner notice against drug peddler Yaniv Benaim alias Atala who gave the police the slip since last week of July.
That Atala was missing was known to the police in July itself, but they suppressed the news since the Goa Legislative Assembly was in session and the police-drug dealer nexus was being discussed very heatedly there. In fact, proceedings were disrupted on at least three occasions with the Opposition charging that the police were not only incapable but also unable to investigate the case.

About a fortnight ago, police admitted that they could not trace Atala after he failed to appear before the court.
Atala was arrested after his ex-girlfriend Lucky Farmhouse uploaded a video clip on popular networking site youtube showing Atala bragging of being connected with police who were supplying him seized drugs for sale in the open market.
Following investigations, seven police personnel including a Police Inspector were suspended.
Atala’s disappearance has put Lucky Farmhouse’s life in danger as she has already revealed having received threatening calls. Ms. Farmhouse has also disclosed that she has evidence to prove the involvement of a Goan politician’s son in the drug racket.
However, police have till date not recorded Ms. Farmhouse’s statement even though she was in Mumbai last month. It is believed that since Ms. Farmhouse has named Home Minister Ravi Naik’s son Roy’s involvement, the police are going slow in the investigations.
In the first place for more than a fortnight the police suppressed the information that Atala was not traceable, the police did not move seriously to record Ms Farmhouse’s statement and no have taken their own sweet time to issue the red corner notice.

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