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Red Corner Notice to be issued for suspect ‘Monty’: CM

Speaking on the issue of the on-going investigations in the Vasco rape incident at which a seven-year old girl was raped in the Deepvihar School, Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar has stated that government will contact Interpol to check the recent movements at international transit points (airports) and accordingly issue red-corner notice for the alleged suspect Monty – the nephew of the head-mistress.

Tthe CM further elaborated that all efforts of the Goa police to verify the whereabouts of the suspect Monty have indicated that the young man resides in Dubai. Yet the government has contacted Interpol and asked them to check his recent movements and to accordingly issue a red-corner notice.

It is now nearing 75 days since the horrific incident that shook the people of Goa, yet there has been no headway made in the case by Crime Branch or the special committee set-up by the government to investigate the case. The Children’s Court too has directed the Goa government to register as a case of destruction of evidence under Section 201 of the IPC against the head-mistress, class teacher and head-clerk of the school.

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