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Reginald, Vijai sit through Assembly with Black ‘protest’ head bands

Protesting against the arrest of NCP leader and former minister Jose Philo DSouza, Congress MLA Alexio Reginald Lourenco and Independent MLA Vijai Sardesai decided to sport black ‘protest’ head bands in today’s Assembly session.

Speaking on their stand and silent protest, Reginald stated that the arrest and detention of DSouza is undemocratic and it is attempt of the government, to silence the voices of the people demanding for justice to seven year old girl who was recently raped at the DV school in Vasco.
“Its been over ten days yet the Home Ministry and its Police Force have not been able to nab the rapist. It appears that someone influential does not want the rapist to be nabbed, ” expressed Reginald.
Sardesai expressed that it is important for the police force to act swiftly as parents across Goa have been shaken up by this incident.

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