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Regionalism within India

Quite often we come across people comparing different regions of India, be it, north; south; east; west etc. Recently, the comment by Rahul Gandhi that South India is not shallow and is thus quite different than north with politics being more issue centric reflects how deep such ideas run into the mindset of some people.

Firstly, let us analyze the stance itself. Though it is true that the southern states perform much better than the north when it comes to literacy rate, child or maternal mortality rate and many other developmental parameters, equally true is that every state has its own problems and issues which are swept under the carpet according to convenience to provide a portrayal to propagate agenda.  For example- Kerala has more rape incidents rate than many northern states including Uttar Pradesh- which has a much larger population than the former. The argument that this is the result of better police system and high literacy rate thus high reporting, falls flat as states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka too have such better environment with much less cases. Similarly, most states from the south have high burden of depressive disorder. Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have 4796 and 4563 per 100,000 population as reported in The Lancet Psychiatry report of 2017.

One more thing that needs to be mentioned and ironically is one of the most important principle of the ‘left ideology’ is the micro analysis. This means there exist many individuals, groups and even incidences which skip being represented in statistical figures which provide the picture and concerns of majority. Thus, even though single, the incidences like slaughtering a newborn panicked calf in the middle of the street by a mob which is in frenzy or symbolically chaining and flogging people of ideology in order to celebrate the Mappila revolt anniversary must grab the attention of both animal and human rights activists who even dare to stand in solidarity with the rapists of Nirbhaya and rally against the Yulin festival of China.

Coming back to Rahul Gandhi, many dismiss the statement of the MP from Wayanad as just another clip for a YouTube video and nothing more. They forget that the INC is not a yesterday’s party and knows well what can influence the direct psyche of the masses. Maybe not today, but some years later, thereby widening the gap between the regions.

Every place suffers as well as flourishes much due to its accumulated history as the ‘present’ is a culmination of the ‘past’ and determination for the ‘future’. But we must not forget that India would be no India in absence of any of its region. Also, the regions too retain their identity being a part of this cultural unit that imbibes all the uniqueness with the way of life changing at each step. Thus, we must respect this symbiotic relationship between our nation and its every part. After all, to cherish ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’, we first need to strengthen the bonds within our home.

Shobhna Dheemati

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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