Relais & Châteaux Announces 10th April as the First Charity Day of the Indian Subcontinent

Relais & Châteaux, the foremost association of the world’s finest hoteliers, chefs and restaurateurs with more than 572 members across 66 countries, introduced the first Charity Day for the Indian Subcontinent today. Looking ahead, the regional delegation shall come together each year to commemorate 10th April as the day dedicated towards upholding the commitment to responsible tourism and giving back to the local community.



Ahilya by the Sea


Each member already, in their own way, has been helping the communities they are located in. Most of them are in remote locations and have been able to provide employment, sustain the local community and even help in infrastructure development, education and healthcare for the villages around them. Their initiatives are continuous and year-round for the local communities, and this particular day was chosen to put a spotlight on noteworthy causes, gather awareness and spread the spirit of giving and goodwill.



Wild Coast Tented Lodge, Sir Lanka


As a testament of our unwavering pledge towards preserving local culture and diversity, we are happy to announce the first Charity Day of the Indian Subcontinent. United by a passion for excellence in hospitality and a desire to share, each member of Relais & Châteaux is connected with the common goal to protect the local heritage and environment. The delegation shall commemorate this day each year going forward,” said Jaisal Singh, Vice President Asia & Member of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Relais & Chateaux.


The Indian Subcontinent is historically renowned as – the land of Buddha, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi. The tradition of giving and caring for the less fortunate goes back centuries, and is part of our scriptures and deep-rooted customs as well as beliefs. The ancient Yogic scriptures also tell us that the Universe is connected and that we are each a part of one Supreme Consciousness. There is no ‘other‘ to compete with; when we give, we give to ourselves. This is why the act of giving is permeated with joy and gives us in return a sense of fulfilment.


The Charity Day is a momentous occasion that brings together the Relais & Châteaux delegation and members in the region for a greater cause. As we strengthen our commitment towards the local community preservation and honour our values of giving back to the society, this is a tradition we shall cherish for the Indian Subcontinent and hope to one day mark 10th April as International Charity Day for all the delegations around the world,” said, Joerg Drechsel, Delegate of the Asian delegation, Member of the Board of Directors, Relais & Chateaux.


Relais & Châteaux members have a profound desire to protect and showcase the richness and diversity of the world’s cuisine and traditions of hospitality. They are committed to preserving local heritage and the environment, as encompassed in the charter presented to UNESCO in November 2014.


These 15 properties that are participating in the first Charity day of the Indian Subcontinent:

  1. Three properties by Resplendent Ceylon, Sri Lanka – Ceylon Tea Trails, Wild Coast Tented Lodge and Cape Weligama – Operate the MJF Foundation Centre near Cape Weligama, offering a pre-school, O level tuition, livelihood enhancement for villagers, MJF Kids Programme, extra – curricular activities, skills development and income generation. Ten per cent of Resplendent Ceylon profits go to MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation.

  2. Soneva Fushi, Maldives – Supports the nearby Ehydafushi and Maalhos schools. The resort aims to invite children from these schools to see, experience and learn about recycling practices, vegetable growing, marine biology and environmental conservation.

  3. Shreyas Retreat, Bangalore, India– Supports the Byrasettihalli village, where the resort plans to organise medical camps to focus on educating people about – health and nutrition, child care, education and prevention of diseases.

  4. Purity, Kerala, India – Supports Buds Special School (Thanneermukkom), that helps children suffering from a range of cognitive disorders through different activities and specialised care to equip them with confidence and skill. The hotel has committed to conduct a free eye check up for the villagers and on 10th April the team shall deliver lunch for these children and donate study materials.

  5. Malabar House, Kerala, India – Supports Karunalayam (Home of Mercy), a part of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. The hotel team plans to host an event to spend a half day at Karunalayam and prepare lunch for them as well asdonateessential FMCG products to the organisation.   

  6. Svatma, Thanjavur, India – Supports the India Vision Institute that undertakes vision testing for young children in semi urban and rural areas. The team shall aim to test eyesightof under privileged children at government aided schoolsof the local community and provide prescription glasses.

  7. Niraamaya Surya Samudra, Thiruvananthapuram, India – Supports Mahila Mandiram – a charitable organisation that supports underprivileged, orphaned and destitute girl children and women. For 10th April, the hotel will promote a sapling plantation drive with guests and all proceeds collected shall go towards charity. Children from Mahila Mandiram will also be invited for lunch at the property.

  8. Mihir Garh, Rajasthan, India – Manavta – the property’s own charity organises specialised medical camps at least four times a year where rural underprivileged people can get free consultation and medication from specialist doctors across different fields. For 10th April, the property shall organise a gynaecology camp where women from the surrounding rural areas will attend and receive free consultation and medication. The head doctor shall also give a lecture shall at the village’s girls school to educate the girls on health practices and answer any queries.

  9. Ahilya by the Sea, Goa, India – Supports REHWA Society, a handloom cooperative that involves rural artisans to promote the rich heritage of Maheshwari handloom. The resort is actively working withthis organisation to design and produce a line of beautiful, responsibly created fabrics such as shawls, sarongs, and stoles that will be sold through the hotels’ gift shops. All proceeds would go to the benefit of REHWA Society and Ahilya Bal Jyoti School, in an effort to create sustainable means for local weavers to earn a dignified livelihood and the children to receive affordable education.

  10. SujanSher Bagh, Ranthambhore, India – Supports The Yash Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped Children, Sawai Madhopur on 10th April 2018. The centre has approximately 35-40 children who reside at the centre and the resort will be providing board games for the students and other sports equipment for the students.

  11. Sujan The Serai, Jaisalmer, India – Supportsa Government Primary School in the neighbouring village – Bherwaand worink very closely in co-ordination with the officials of the Government Primary Schoolto build working and hygienic washrooms for the students. There are a total of 92 students out of which 35 are girls and 57 are boys. The girl’s washroom will have 3 units. The boy’s washroom will have 2 urinals and 2 toilets. 

  12. Sujan Jawai, Jawai Bandh, India – Supports Sena School. The Field Team at SujanJawaiwill be carrying out a special session on wildlife for students of Sena School. The team will also be carrying out a litter collection drive in the neighbouring villages of Bisalpur, Jeevda and Sena village.

  13. Sujan Rajmahal Palace, Jaipur, India – As a Clean India initiative, the Sujan Rajmahal Palace team will be organising a clean-up drive in the city of Jaipur, by going to local places in the city and engage in the cleaning of the area. In addition to this, the team is working on the collaboration with the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation that focusses towards women empowerment and has verticals like skill imparting, education and health. This would include spending time at the facility and involving the ladies in a skill development.

About Relais & Châteaux

Established in 1954, Relais & Châteaux is an association of the world’s finest hoteliers, chefs and restaurateurs that has set the standard for excellence in hospitality. Relais & Châteaux has redefined luxury hospitality by emphasizing holistic experiences that transport its guests, taking them on a sensual journey and introducing them to a deeper, truer understanding of the Art of Living.


The story of Relais & Châteaux begins in 1941 when two former music hall entertainers, Marcel and Nelly Tilloy purchased “La Cardinale“, an estate in the Rhône Valley. In 1952 the Tilloys began recruiting other hoteliers and restaurant owners that shared the same level of quality and excellence and passions for fine cuisine and Art de Vivre. In 1954, this group of kindred spirits merged together to create Relais & Châteaux. In the beginning, there were eight such establishments along the road between Paris and the French Riviera.


Today, with more than 572 member properties in 66 countries, Relais & Châteaux offers a myriad of extraordinary destinations around the globe. From snow-covered high mountain chalets, country houses surrounded by vineyards, gourmet restaurants in the heart of major cities, villas overlooking the sea or perched on the banks of a romantic lake: what makes all these Relais & Châteaux properties special is their sheer diversity and their uniqueness.


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