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Relative of Former Congress Home Minister involved with Narcotics Mafia: CM

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar alleged yet again that a former home minister’s relative collected protection money from the narcotics mafia in the past, which led to drugs becoming a big problem.

“Such a situation is created when relatives of a (former) Home Minister began collecting commission to protect the narcotics mafia,” Parrikar, who holds the home portfolio told the state legislative assembly here today.

The Goa chief minister was apparently referring to the alleged involvement of former Goa home minister Ravi Naik’s son, Roy’s alleged nexus with the drug mafia, the police and politicians.

The house committee is expected to submit a report on Roy’s alleged nexus during the current session.

Parrikar said that since relatives of former home ministers accepted bribes to protect the illegal narcotics trade, the entire system, including the police got corroded.

The Goa chief minister said that entire Anti-Narcotics Cell collapsed two years ago and efforts are on to revive the unit by infusing fresh enthusiasm.

“The network of informants has totally collapsed. It will take time to rebuild the network again. I will not spare any policemen shielding drugs and prostitution,” the chief minister said on the floor of the House.

The issue of drugs reaching even the interiors of Goa was raised on the floor of the House by Leader of the Opposition Pratapsingh Rane (Congress). He said that people were afraid to share information with the police.

Parrikar claimed that drug peddlers use local youth to push narcotics in Goa, which he called “a dangerous trend”.

“Drug peddlers live in the state and cultivate local youth to push narcotics,” he said, adding that people should be careful about such anti-social elements.

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