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Release my Journalists: Arnab Goswami

Republic TV’s reporter Anuj Kumar, video journalist Yashpaljit Singh, and Ola cab driver Pradeep Dilip Dhanavade have illegally been jailed since the past 3 days for allegedly ‘illegally trespassing’ into Matoshree. The team was said to be following a lead in an investigative assignment in Karjat, Raigad. There, they were taken into custody after they made an inquiry with a security guard f a residence. The reporting team was denied legal aid before being imprisoned for 3 days and was also not provided with the remand copy. Shiv Sena has now turned to threatening cable networks in Maharashtra to block Republic TV and Republic Bharat from broadcasting to the homes of people of Maharashtra.

“I am a Mumbaikar. I have built Republic with hard work and effort. You cannot touch our network. The people of Mumbai, Maharashtra, and India are with us. Uddhav Thakrey, release my journalists immediately. And arrest your party leaders who are issuing threats to blackout the distribution of Republic Bharat. If you don’t, I will fight you in both the courts of public opinion and our county’s highest courts.

Uddhav Thackrey, release my journalists. You have broken the law and we will not allow this illegality. You didn’t write the constitution and you have no right to turn it upside down. Your party has sent letters to cable operators to illegally blackout Republic. You are allowing and approving a series of illegalities. Release my journalists immediately and perform your constitutional duty by arresting your party leaders who have been caught red-handed sending threats to cable operators. ” said Arnab Goswami in a fierce statement against Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackrey.

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