Reliance General Insurance Engages in an Innovative Campaign to Fight Crime against Women During Holi

Reliance General Insurance (RGI), 100% subsidiary of Reliance Capital, has launched a campaign aimed to create awareness about women safety during Holi.



Reliance General Insurance


RGI, in a bid to create widespread awareness against this issue of disrespecting the modesty of women under the guise of Holi, has launched a widespread campaign using social media along with an on-ground campaign. For long now, women have been suffering silently the disrespect heaped on them at the backdrop of this colourful festival.


As a responsible brand, Reliance General Insurance has used an innovative technique to propagate a silent message and embrace the cause of women safety.


Mr. Rakesh Jain, CEO – Reliance General Insurance, said, “Holi is one of the most beautiful Indian festivals because it upholds the spirit of liberation. But, for few, it turns out to be an excuse to disrespect  women that destroys the very purpose of the festival. This campaign is our way of creating awareness and one of the many initiatives we do as a responsible company towards women safety.


Our campaign is designed to address the unpleasant experiences women go through during Holi and injustices done against women. Reliance General Insurance has created posters around many locations including colleges to create awareness. The posters have three messages that are straight out of a Holi celebration. Once the QR code is scanned, the phone will display the same colour picture on the screen without the festival colour, thereby revealing the unfortunate side of a truly glorious Indian festival.


Through this initiative, Reliance General Insurance hopes to highlight the issue to shake people out of their indifferences and letting people take up responsibility at an individual level to ensure women get due respect and are freely enjoying the festival of colour.


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Source: NV1



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