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Religion or Humanity?

When a child is born in a family, no matter in rural or urban of India or abroad, they are like fresh clay. Whatever you want to teach them, whatever language you want them to learn, they will do so. They are not born with a stamp of being Hindu, British, or Sikh .they don’t know what they are, they learn, find, follow what the parents tell them in the process of growing up

Since my childhood, I have loved visiting temples, mosques, gurudwara, and churches equally and have been curious to know the purpose of their existence. My mother had been a devotee of all and she celebrated every festival with equal excitement with her neighbours’ have seen Prabhat pheri in the early hours, saw my mother doing Chaliya every now n then, getting the Christmas cakes, visiting Ajmer Sharif, and Vaishno Devi with equal devotion always.

She was the one who always said, we are humans first and religion comes secondary, we make a conscious choice of doing or following religion or Gurus. But humanity is within and a part of our being. Thankful to the teaching of our parents we never were awkward visiting shrines or churches and always respected the divine power in any form. The places where we bow to the Idols, Granth Sahib, Jesus or Dargah are the sole divine places where we connect with our inner self as we sit in a pure environment with holistic sounds, chants help us connect.

Recently Savio Rodrigues (Editor-in-Chief, Goa Chronicle) had an excellent opportunity to visit Kumbh at Haridwar and it was lovely to see him participating in the rituals with his friends. When he put up his photos with the tilak on his forehead classes in dhoti, a lot of good and nasty comments were posted by people questioning him for doing so despite being a Christian.

The comments from this ill-believing kind of people make you wonder, why do they exist in the world, and can they find a place exclusively belonging to their so-called religion only. Are they aware of being lucky enough to be born and being a part of India which is so rich in its culture and history where every religion is given equal value and respect? How can these people make sure that the vegetables, fruits or dry ration, or the water consumed by them are being grown or supplied by the same religious people?

Since Corona has chosen to take over the mighty world which consists of the most powerful country, countries that have the topmost scientists and can create wonders of the world, people at least should have learned the hard lesson. Life is not whether you were true to your religion, it’s about following the right and doing everything in your capacity to learn explore and respect every aspect of being alive. We travel to different places to see the unseen places, admire the beauty of the destination, and carry souvenirs to keep the memory alive.

If an opportunity had been given to these religion-obsessed people, so many people would not have been saved from the deadly virus. The frontline workers do not choose to help to keep religion in mind, the doctor doesn’t select the patients; the patient doesn’t choose the doctor. I think high time people need to realize that by questioning on someone’s intentions they end up exposing their shrewd, narrow-mindedness which will not let them grow as a human.

Make your voice wisely, you want to die being remembered as a great human being or just a hard-core religion following person. Once we leave this body, no one knows where we go and where is our final destination going to be. As a parent or grandparents, you owe it to the future generation by giving them a good upbringing, thoughts, and life.


Choose wisely and live and die proudly.

Sarita Gupta

Columnist, Goa Chronicle Sarita Gupta, an Interior Designer by profession with over 25yrs experience, resident of Gurgaon. Proud Mother of 2 , a fun loving ,avid enthusiast traveller, keen observer and penchant to writing poems driven by causes still unaddressed/suppressed.

DISCLAIMER: This article reflects author’s view point. Goa Chronicle may or may not subscribe to views of the author

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