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Remo Slams Politicians

Renowned singer Remo Fernandes who is known not to mince words while expressing his disgust at politicians was at it once again while speaking at the India Against Corruption meeting at Panjim on Wednesday.
He urged the people to fight against corruption which he said was the biggest evil instead of getting distracted with other issues including the medium of instruction.

He created a stir by stating that politicians believe in dividing the people and specifically named former Chief Minister Shashikala Kakodkar who he said always believed in divide and rule policy.
Remo expressed surprise that an able administrator like Manohar Parrikar, whom he considered to be his friend, was fighting against English and urged politicians to instead fight against corruption.
However, Marathi protagonists at the meeting interrupted his speech by asking him not to raise the language issue with freedom fighter Naguesh Karmali leading them. Karmali also accused Remo of destroying Goa’s culture.
Remo’s statement that many anti-corruption crusaders were on very friendly terms with politicians very often running to them for funding and donations, left many in the audience squirming in their seats.
He said there was no scope to be a fence sitter as far as the battle against corruption is concerned and revealed that he dreamt being a dictator ruling Goa wherein all politicians were placed under house arrest and quizzed after being administered the truth serum.
He also urged journalists to do investigative journalism instead of merely reporting news.

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