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Remove ‘Secular’ from Indian Constitution: Hindu Nation Convention

Stating that India was never a secular nation and that the term secular was added during the second amendment to the Constitution of India in 1997 naming India as a socialist secular country, emphasized speakers at the first day of the Hindu Nation  Convention held at Sanathan Sanstha in Goa.

National co-ordinator of the Hindu Janjagruti Samaj, Chittanranjan Sural said that it was time has to form a Hindu nation, adding at the time of the formation of the Constitution, it has been clearly written that no reservation would be made based on caste or religion, however, “today exactly the opposite is happening and its high time the stopped reservations in the name of religion.

Rameshwar Mishra of the Hindu Vidya Kendra, Varanasi said that India has always been a Hindu nation and though the Constitution has been done in a hurry it acknowledges that India is a Hindu nation as it makes provisions to safe-guard the rights of minorities and there is no special mention about Hindus.

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