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Renovation of Earth

Life on earth has never been like this. We are living in a completely different world which no one has ever imagined. Many of our concepts have gone totally wrong. Developed nations had superciliousness that they are economically, politically and militarily so strong that nothing can quiver them.

Nature has different way of functioning. Human beings are busy in exploitation of nature, has an outlook of governing in own terms. We were busy in swelling our bank balances, properties, boosting share market, augmenting wealth by whatever way possible, ignoring our physical and mental health, rescinding environment and natural resources, ignoring love and care to our near and dear ones.

Broadly if we acknowledge, nature has two aspects. Microscopic and Macroscopic. Both are difficult for human beings to regulate the way we aspire. Today, a virus known as COVID-19, which we cannot see with naked eyes, microscopic in nature, has locked us in our rooms creating a panic, fear and making us conscious that everything is temporary and don’t exploit nature rather use it judiciously.

Whether you are superpower, holding a high position in society or organisation, super rich, strong military base, a micro virus can bring you down to your knees, this is how powerful is our nature.

Human beings need to understand, focusing only on materialistic world without sharing and caring, unconditional love, belongingness towards society and nature, greed to acquire natural resources by means which are not bona fide.

What lies next?? Renovate Earth to make life more meaningful, joyful, respect and caring for each and every species gifted by nature.

It’s time for everyone to introspect and put in action how better can we balance our life considering modern aspects at the same time creating happiness around us with love, caring and sharing, environment friendly activities, using technology to develop mankind as well as helping environment.

Materialistic life with spiritual dimensions is utmost important to gift a better world to our future generations.

Let’s focus on physical, mental and social wellbeing by applying natural ways like Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, live a life with gratitude, selfless service to society, treating natural resources as gift of god, creating positivity with awareness and alertness.

Let’s see with new outlook that nature is giving us opportunity to restructure our mindset, activities towards nature and different organisms with balanced approach to create a better living on our lovely planet.

Pankaj Jagannath Jayswal

Author, Educationist, counsellor, Motivational speaker, Electrical Engineer.

Coming books in May: Youth: Reflection of Universe in English and Hindi

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    1. Perfectly said Pankaj ji.
      We have reached high time and reflection is the TRUTH.
      Selfishness and non caring others along with the environment should be now treated & respected. 

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