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Republic was not wrong in calling out Pakistan

Republic TV Network has been penalized by the United Kingdom regulator Ofcom. The reason was the lobby which says that Republic TV in their shows have targeted Pakistan and broadcasted hate speech about Pakistan.

According to the regulatory body of the UK, Republic TV was fined for airing a segment on its UK service, which conveyed the view that all Pakistani people are terrorists, including their scientists, doctors, their leaders, politicians, and their sportspeople.

By going through the clips, it is very much clear that that the Hindi debate referred by the regulator does not mean as it is. So, let us understand the true meaning of the said attributions. Pakistan is often called a terror nation not because people think that the whole nation is made up of terrorists. It is said because the Pakistani state and Pakistan Government sponsors terrorism. It has been admitted by various Prime Ministers and Presidents that during their regime, they have directly supported terror outfits in the name of Islam. They also proudly stated that most of the outfits were made with an intention to cause damage to India. Remember, the world’s most dreaded terrorist Osama Bin Laden responsible for the 9/11 attacks on America was executed by the United States of America in Pakistan without informing the latter. To no surprise, the terrorist was living near an army base camp. Attacks of 26/11 on India was also carried by Pakistan, which was proved by the testimony of Azmal Kasab, one of the terrorists captured alive. Now coming to science, scientist A.Q. Khan is known less for being the father of Nuclear Weapons of Pakistan and more for selling the technology to countries like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) also known as North Korea which has now become a security threat to the whole world. The leadership of Pakistan is having a big agenda to speak against India and for the same, they could support anyone including terrorists. A prime example is the case of 26/11 where the mastermind despite carrying bounty by the US and India are roaming openly throughout Pakistan. Their sportsmen talk openly against the Hindus and call for Gazwa-e-Hind, an unfulfilled desire to convert India into an Islamic nation.

It is time that the world takes notice of the shocking amount of hate routinely spewed against India & its majority population – Hindus – on Pakistani news channels. There are open calls for Hindu genocide and Gazwa-e-Hind for a holy battle against Hindus and India. This is despite the fact that Pakistan was created from India. There have been programs to continuously insult India as a land of ‘kaafirs’, and threats to bomb attacks on the country.

A Minister in the central cabinet even threatened India with a nuclear weapon with a technology that will kill the Hindu population only. Now, this may sound funny, however, the attitude is very serious and must be countered. The minority population is not at all safe in Pakistan and there have been multiple instances where they are abducted, raped, put behind bars, or even killed merely because they are from the minority community and someone from the majority community was offended. This trait is not only against humanity but not taking cognizance of this is even more dangerous. Republic was not wrong in calling out Pakistan as everything that started on the show was true. Every nation has an army, but the Pakistan army is the only army that has a nation of its own. And an army and a nation that was formed only to take revenge from Hindus must not be given cover by the world powers.


Author: Adv. Shashank Shekhar Jha
Legal Editor, GoaChronicle.com

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