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Return of the ‘self-exiled’ son!

Luizinho Faleiro has always been one crafty, witty and determined politician that has been an immense learning experience to observe. Having interacted with this politician cum statesman on numerous occasions in Goa and New Delhi, his chutzpah never seems to amaze me. At a time when most of our local politicians carry their ego on their sleeves and their level of intelligence on their tongue, Faleiro carries both the ego and intelligence but you will never see it distinctly unless you observe him closely.

To accept his words that he stayed away from Goa politics will most definitely be a folly. Though not visible he has been the shadow force slowly chipping into the defenses of his arch-rivals especially ‘Alemaos’. The current Independent (BJP-supported MLA) Avertano Furtado would not be a minister today, if it was not for the tactical strategies of Faleiro.

Faleiro’s stand and role on the ticket distribution is known to a few. His critical role was such, that eventually with the loss of the Congress and ousters of some of the most corrupt Congress ministers, his hold on the state grew stronger. AICC President Sonia Gandhi was persistent in asking him to take up the reigns of the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee, however, he chose to stay clear from Goa and opt for a larger responsibility at a national level to call some shots on bigger games and not petty games in the state. But it is very difficult to take Goa out of Faleiro.

His birthday celebrations did not have the grandeur that you would normally see at a Churchill Alemao or Mickky Pacheco function. This was simple. All those Congressmen and women who have a fondness or wanted to butter this new leader up were present at the function and had a good word or two to say about Faleiro. He, of course, played the role of a humbled politician with all the adulation from his supporters to perfection; raised up issues that touched a chord with his supporters such as Mopa Airport, Special Status. The rhetoric appeared to be aimed at the Lok Sabha elections and trying to score brownie point for the Congress. It is not known yet whether he will look at contesting the Lok Sabha election from the South, in my personal opinion I don’t think that would be on his mind. Others in the party might want to push him towards the Lok Sabha because some feel that the current Congress MP has a dismal chance of being re-elected.

Faleiro raising Mopa Airport and Special Status now is playing to the South Goa galleries. It is pity that the enlightenment on both these issues failed to dawn on him when his government and he himself was in power in the state. But like the said it is never too late to change one’s opinion or action; and in case of politicians their stand blows along with winds of the people sentiments.

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