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Reviving Agriculture Top Priority of Chandorkars

Urban Development Minister Joaquim Alemao was bombarded with demands by his constituents when he visited the Village Panchayats of Cavorim-Chandor and Guirdolim to hear public grievances on Sunday and most of the demands pertained to improving paddy cultivation in the two villages.
After listening to the public and giving the necessary instructions to his staff and PWD engineer present, Joaquim complimented the people for their suggestions which he conceded were good ones and promised to see that work on them begins in right earnest.
At the Cavorim Chandor Panchayat, he promised to visit the village again after three months to give the action taken report.

He assured the villagers that he would call for a meeting of the officials of Agriculture Department and Water Resources department to see how best the water logging of the hundreds of acres of paddy fields at Biczona can be tackled.
The villagers pointed out that in the past this huge field was cultivated but because of neglect the waterways have got silted and at present it cannot be cultivated due to water logging. The villagers appealed to him to do something as the panchayat found it to be a too a daunting task.
Joaquim also promised to get the engineers of the Water Resources Department to inspect the canal network in the village to ensure that the canals are properly cleaned with the roots of the overgrowth removed and repairs undertaken wherever the Portuguese built canal has broken down.
He also agreed to talk to the Tourism Department to develop the Oilem Tollem in the village as a tourist attraction, and suggested that a Gram Sabha resolution to this effect would be helpful.
Among other demands put forth by the villagers were to provide a doctor on regular basis at the Sub-Health Centre in the village, improving of the market square with interlocking tiles, zebra crossing in front of the school, covering the drains with concrete slabs and underground cabling for the electricity wires.
He disclosed that the last two demands were already taken up by him and added that the power minister had agreed to include Cavorim Chandor in the next plan while the PWD had already awarded the contract for covering the drains.
The villagers also demanded the restoration of the ancient Communidade auction house where a balwadi is houses presently so that the old architecture can be preserved and serve as an added attraction to the various tourists visiting the village to see the heritage houses.
GUIRDOLIM: At the neighbouring Guirdolim panchayat also there were demands that the storm water drain in Colloss ward be desilted and embankments be constructed further downstream at Villa Formosa to enable the farmers to draw water from it.
Besides, the villagers also urged the MLA to provide for a combined harvester to which Joaquim Alemao agreed to finance provided somebody from the village undertook the responsibility of hiring it and ensuring that it harvests all the fields in the village. However, there were no takers for this offer.
Guirdolim villagers also demanded constructing a footpath right from the railway crossing to the Church.
Reacting to the demand to construct an over bridge over the railway tracks at least for two wheelers, he said he would take up the matter with the Railways Minister of the Centre, and clarified that the result would not be achieved overnight.

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