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Ribandar Does Not Want Casinos

Residents of Ribandar, which is a ward of the City Corporation of Panaji, have come out openly against the government’s decision to relocate two floating casinos near their abodes.
At a meeting held on Monday, corporater Vivina Nasnodkar said the positioning of the casinos at Ribandar would adversely affect the traditional fishermen who have been living off the produce of the river for centuries.
Besides, she said the presence of the casinos so close would result in corruption of moral values as gambling will be perceived as a virtue rather than a vice.

Ribandar Yuvak Sangh president Rupesh Halarnkar who is also a corporater of CCP raised the issue of noise pollution and also pollution of the river with the waste from these vessels being dumped there.
Earlier various other organizations had protested against the government going against its promise to relocate the floating casinos in the Aguada bay.

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