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Rioters in Hong Kong vandalize government buildings, throw petrol bombs

Hong Kong, Aug 31 (GCCurrentAffairs) A large group of rioters vandalized and threw petrol bombs into the headquarters of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government and the Legislative Council on Saturday, and set fire on roads.

Around 1900 hrs local time, rioters gathered a large amount of barriers to block the Hennessy Road near the police headquarters in Wan Chai, poured inflammable liquids and set the roadblocks on fire. Huge black smoke billowed up the air.

The fire came after the protesters attacked the government headquarters.

On Saturday afternoon, protesters defied a police ban and gathered around Admiralty and Causeway Bay. Some smashed traffic lights as they marched along and dismantled roadside railings to set up barricades to face off the police.

Around 1700 hrs, the rioters, some of whom already had masks on and carried large backpacks, put on helmets and other protective wear.

They gathered around the government headquarters and used sling shots to fire objects into the buildings.

Around 1730 hrs local time, violent protesters repeatedly threw corrosive liquids and petrol bombs at the government and police headquarters, and the Legislative Council, said Yu Hoi-Kwan, senior superintendent of Police Public Relations Branch in a briefing.

“They also deliberately set fire to the water-filled barriers and posed grave danger to all of the people on site,” she said.

Police raised flags to warn the protesters to stop charging, but the rioters responded by throwing petrol bombs at the police lines. The bombs caused fire to break out on the roads near the government headquarters.

The protesters also threw corrosives and bricks at officers.

After repeated and futile warnings, police deployed tear gas and colored water to disperse the protesters.

The Hong Kong police said they strongly condemn all violent acts by the protesters.

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