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Rise up for India

To my fellow Indians in India and all over the world

The time to rise up and stand up for India is now.

Across the nation we are witnessing the resurgence of a New India. Our India that is growing into a global socio-economic power.

This steady northward climb of our nation and its people is rattling our internal and external enemies.

Their idea of India is to keep India as a developing nation and a nation under an invisible yoke of subjugation to foreign powers and interests.

The planned attacks on our democracy through mobocracy witnessed across the country is a reflection of the anarchist mindset and its intent to create a communal divide in India to destabilize our socio-economic progress.

Our enemies are united, resourceful and will not stop till our nation gives up on its spirit of nationalism and settles for a spirit of submissiveness to foreign powers controlled by sold out Indian political powers.

The incident of January 26th, 2021 on India’s Republic Day is a glaring exposure of the intent of the enemies of our nation. This is not the first time that a mob of anarchists have tried to challenge our democracy with their mobocracy.

There is an imminent need for us nationalists across different professionals to defend the true identity of India. We must raise our voices, come up with collective strategies to negate and blunt the vicious and continuous attack of the framework of our democracy by anti-nationals and anarchists.

If we stay silent today and not unite under as a Nationalist Collective that is apolitical then the essence and values that our nation holds dear will be lost with divisions over creed, caste and our own socio-economic position in the community.

The aim of our enemies is simple. It will attack our core nationalistic principles and fervor. It will want to us to give up on our nationalistic aims and force us to see each citizen through a prism of a cultural, religious and caste differences.

India is one. We must Think India, Live India. Therefore, we must unite as a Nationalist Collective to fight the narratives against India both in India and Internationally.

Citizens from all walks of life must bring their core expertises to the forefront to rise up for our nation and fight our enemies legally and through communications.

We must blunt the propaganda of hate in India and unite as Indians.

It is my appeal to every nationalist Indian to be a part of the Nationalist Collective.

Jai Hind! Bharat Mata Ki Jai

Savio Rodrigues

Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Goa Chronicle


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