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River Princess removal faces unexpected stumbling block

In a comedy of errors, Arihant Ship Breakers, contractor for cutting up River Princess, started to demarcate the wrong area of land at Britona for storing the vessel’s scrap.
The tourism department had allocated the company around 500 sq m of land at Britona, and the company stumbled at the first step as it was unable to demarcate the land due to the presence of fishing boats in the area. After the report was published, tourism department realized its mistake and informed Arihant of the correct area.

Meanwhile, sources say there is a possibility of the vessel removal being derailed again. They alleged that a local politician has been provoking Britona residents to protest the storing of the vessel’s scrap in the area, citing environment pollution. Arihant officials also alleged that some persons had arrived at the site on Tuesday and intimidated them.
“We don’t even want to keep the scrap here for one night,” an Arihant official said. “We will get the scrap here by boat, unload it at the new captain of ports jetty and ferry it by land to this site, where it will be weighed, valued and sold to scrap dealers. We will ask customs department to provide security to protect the scrap,” the official said.


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