Rivona Youth Killed By Mining Truck, Locals Retaliate

Transportation of ore through Rivona village came to a grinding halt on Tuesday after a tragic accident snuffed the life of a 25-year old youth from the village who was crushed to death by a mining truck.
Taking cognizance of the angst in the village over the incident, truck drivers did not leave the mining sites with the ore and all the trucks remained at the mining sites while the villagers stopped other vehicles plying through their village.

Early Tuesday morning, Francisco Jivaji, an electrician by profession, was travelling on his motor cycle when he was hit by a mining truck bearing registration number GA–02/ T–8296 which was heading towards Shivsare area apparently to load ore.
Till afternoon Quepem Police Station personnel who had gone to the village had not returned to the station nor reported to the station what exactly had happened.


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