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Role of Youth in Indian Politics

We all know that India is a democratic country. Today, India has the largest number of youth. This is a class that is most powerful physically and mentally. Today 75% of the youth in India know how to read and write. India has made considerable progress compared to other countries. The biggest contribution to this is education. India’s politics, only the elderly is dominated and only a few young people are in politics. One of the reasons for this is that the political atmosphere in India is deteriorating day by day and true political people have been replaced by greedy people of power and wealth.

In politics, the feeling of patriotism has been replaced by casteism. The way the tales of corruption of politicians are coming out every day, indifference towards politics is increasing among the youth of the country.

Now in India’s politics, young leaders like Subhash Chandra Bose, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Lokmanya Tilak are no more today, who can communicate a new revolution in the mind of the youth with their senses and enthusiasm. But sadly, after independence, these old leaders who cannot protect themselves properly, will they teach the young people about patriotism or revolution?

This is the reason why the youth of India are not looking at this country as their own and are looking for their home in other countries. They want to get away from the political power here and spread corruption. So, they think many times before taking any concrete step. Even a youth who votes in India does not trust his/her chosen candidate. Today’s youth have been made just and only target oriented. It means that today’s parents themselves do not want their son or daughter to contribute to the social work of the country in addition to their work because the present-day environment has become such that everyone is only engaged in making his future.

Even the youth of today do not even realize the responsibility towards their family, so we must take many concrete steps for this. Today every citizen of India considers it to be good and bad. The youth will have to expand their thinking beyond communalism and politics. The youth will have to move forward in this matter. And in any such emotion, do not drift and must take decisions consciously.

There are other things like unemployment and bribing to get a place in government jobs, there is also a reason to take young people away from the country. That is why we must guide our youth from time to time. So that they can distinguish between the right and wrong and can help in taking the country forward and on the path of progress.

A party wants to give the crown of Prime Minister to its crown prince, but he is not ready for this chair. The question is, if he is not ready, why not move away from the field. Why not give someone else a chance? The task of managing the country should be given to the person who has the courage and passion.

In these circumstances it seems that the country is at a dangerous point. To be fair, such intolerance has rarely been seen before. Today if you write anything on Facebook against a leader, then a whole gang surrounds you. In fact, it is also an anger against the existing power and the support of those who go to any extent to capitalize on that anger.

In fact, democracy in our country is continuously getting weaker. Today, when the Supreme Court rebukes the government on something, the common man is very happy. He looks towards the top court with hope. This trend is dangerous for democracy. Those who vent their anger on Facebook and Twitter should also be aware of the fact that in a country with a population of 127 crore, only eight crore people are on Facebook. Only two crore people have Twitter accounts. Only two percent of the total rural population of the country is connected to the Internet. And there is no need to tell how many hours electricity is available in rural areas.

In such a situation, there is no use of fighting on Facebook and Twitter. Now the time has come for our youth to come out of the virtual world and join the real world. Only then will there be hope for change and freedom.






An Article by Saakshi Mayank
Intern, Goa Chronicle

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