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Romanian social democratic party replaces leadership after election defeat


Bucharest, Nov 27 (GCCurrentAffairs) The leadership of the Romanian Social Democratic Party, headed by Viorica Dancila, announced resignation early Wednesday morning, two days after the party failed in the presidential election.

Marcel Ciolacu, speaker for the Chamber of Deputies, was appointed interim president of the largest party in the parliament before the party’s congress scheduled for February by the new leadership, Xinhua reported.

Speaking at a press conference after a six-hour meeting with the party’s executive committee, Dancila said that she had to resign as the leader of the Social Democratic Party, as she realized that “this reset involves a team that will take over the leadership of the party, another vision, another program.”

“We have come to the conclusion that a reset of the party is needed … This leadership was not taken by force … It was a gesture of normality for madam chairman after listening to us and submitting her resignation,” Ciolacu said at the same press conference.

“In February we will come before the party members and delegates for the election of a legitimate leadership that will continue to manage the local and general elections, which will take place next year,” he added.

In Sunday’s presidential election runoff, Social Democratic candidate and party leader Dancila lost to incumbent President Klaus Iohannis, candidate of the ruling center-right Liberal National Party.

Although Dancila had insisted that she would not resign, a group of people led by Ciolacu began discussions with her since Monday about the replacement of the party leadership.

Dancila, 55 and a former member of the European Parliament, became the first woman prime minister in Romania’s history in January 2018 and the Social Democratic leader in May 2019. Her cabinet was ousted on Oct. 10, 2019, after being abandoned by its ruling partner and losing a vote of confidence in the parliament.

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