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Romi Lipi Action Front Supports English

Notwithstanding its avowed mission to fight for official recognition to Konkani in Roman script, the Romi Lipi Action Front (RLAF) has supported the demand for English as a medium of instruction at primary school level.
In a press release issued on Thursday, RLAF Convenor, Wilson Mazarello admitted that Konkani language being the “junior most written language of India” and therefore has its own limitations which does not permit it to be the language for a medium of instruction.

While pointing out that RLAF had never demanded that Konkani should be the medium of instruction, Wilson argued that no regional language can be a medium of instruction in present day world and asserted that only English as the medium of instruction will enable Goan children to be second to none and compete with the best in the world.
While reiterating the love for Konkani, which he termed as “a very sweet language”, Wilson opined that Konkani has many more miles to traverse before it qualifies to be the language for medium of instruction.
He urged people not to be hypocritical and blinded by love for Konkani to the extent it will “harm” the future of the children.
While pointing out that in a democracy people’s will prevails, he said people of Goa have already given their opinion in favour of English as the medium of instruction and said that this decision should be reflected on grounds that parents know best what is good for their children.

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