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RP 2021 needs to be rectified: GBA


The Goa Bachao Abhiyan (GBA) has reiterated its position that the Regional Plan 2021 is not acceptable in its present form and that it needs rectification of errors and deletions of insertions not mandated in draft plan circulated to village bodies in October, 2008.

This is especially with regard to eco-zones. In a press note, GBA also reiterated its demand of ‘One Goa, One plan’ with a single plan for entire Goa, merging all the outline development plan (ODP) areas too in the Regional Plan.

During the preparation of RP 2021, people’s participation and inputs were sought twice, once during its draft stage from October, 2008, to September, 2009, and later after corrections to the notified final RP 2021 were invited between November and December 2011. The inputs are documented.

While the best method for re-visitation may be advised by the law department, the people wish that their efforts at participation over the last five years, through their Panchayats and village-level committees be recognized, GBA stated.

A series of agitations against mega projects and rampant destruction of eco-zones were seen due to the vague nature of the Regional Plan 2001, as it had no clear boundaries and survey numbers in its land use plan. It also permitted high FAR and did not have policies on protection of eco-zones.


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