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RTI Activist alleges hidden agenda of CM on ‘Beef’ Issue


Adv. Aires Rodrigues has today accused Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar of blatantly lying to the Goa Legislative Assembly on the current Beef imbroglio facing the State.

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had on April 25th told the Goa Legislative assembly that the current ban on cattle slaughter imposed was a Suo motu action by the Bombay High Court at Goa and that the government had not even been served a copy of the petition.

Alleging that this was totally misleading and grossly false, Adv. Rodrigues has stated that the order passed was not a Suo motu action by the High Court and that the Goa Government was very much on notice of the petition filed.

Stating that this fact has been even recorded in the order passed by the High Court, Adv. Rodrigues has stated that the Advocate General was also very much present in the Court on 22
nd April when the interim ban order was passed.

Claiming that it was one of the instances of the Government playing ball with certain petitioners for its own hidden agenda,  Adv. Rodrigues has pointed out that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had in fact in the Legislative Assembly paid rich laurels to that petitioner who had sought the ban order and had even vouched for his credentials.

Adv Rodrigues has stated that moves of banning beef in other BJP ruled states were well known and that the attempt to bring about the prohibition in Goa, by placing blame on the judiciary was symptomatic.Adv. Rodrigues has further wondered whether after the ban on Beef, it will be Mutton followed by Pork and topped by Chicken.


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