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RTI Activist alleges IDC offered another RTI Activist’s wife prime plot

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) had hurriedly offered Sanyogita Shetye wife of Electricity department Junior engineer and social activist Kashinath Shetye 2500 sq mts plot at Verna Industrial estate. This has been revealed in the information obtained by Adv. Aires Rodrigues from IDC under the Right to Information Act.

The file notings reveal that the IDC moved a note on 30th March 2011 that M/S Siya Interiors a propriety firm owned by Sanyogita Kashinath Shetye be given a 2500 sq mts plot located in phase 4 of Verna Industrial estate. This proposal was approved the very next day by then IDC Managing Director Ajit Naik and then Chairman Chandrakant Kavlekar. The letter offering Shetye the plot was also issued by IDC the same day.

Sanyogita Shetye in her application for the plot had stated that a Rs 44 lakhs interior design project was proposed to be set up. The documents show that Kashinath Shetye had signed as a witness on the application for the plot.

Adv. Aires Rodrigues has today stated that it needs to be investigated whether Kashinath Shetye had been targeting officers at the IDC by filing cases against them in order to coerce and manipulate them to grant his wife a plot.

Adv. Rodrigues has stated that it also needs to be examined whether the plot offer was made by IDC to silence and appease Kashinath Shetye who had filed various complaints against IDC officials.

Adv Rodrigues has today alleged that the Sanyogita Shetye did not take possession of the plot after the news of the plot offer came to be known to the public.


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