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RTI activist demand Vigilance Probe against Speaker

RTI Activist Adv. Aires Rodrigues has today demanded a Vigilance probe into the source of the Rs 72 lakhs paid by Speaker of the Goa Legislative Assembly Rajendra Arlekar last August for the purchase of a 500 sq mts plot at Porvorim.

The activist in his press statement has stated that information obtained by him under the Right to Information Act from the office of the Mapusa Sub Registrar has revealed that on 26th August last year Speaker Rajendra Arlekar purchased from a Delhi based journalist Dharmanand Pandurang Kamat the 500 sq mt plot at Porvorim on payment of Rs 72 lakhs. Interestingly the sale deed does not reveal the mode of payment as to whether the amount paid by Rajendra Arlekar was in cash, cheque or draft.Adv.Rodrigues has stated that if Rs 72 lakhs was the official price paid by Speaker Rajendra Arlekar, one could only speculate on the actual amount that was paid by him for that plot.

Adv.Rodrigues has further revealed that the documents show that Rajendra Arlekar in addition also paid an amount of Rs 2,52,000 towards stamp duty and a further Rs 2,16,280 towards registration and processing fees of that Sale deed.

Adv. Rodrigues has stated that Speaker Rajendra Arlekar gave his power of Attorney to his 20 year old son Amogh Arlekar to execute the sale deed on his behalf.

Adv. Rodrigues has alleged that the sale deed was executed by Amogh Arlekar before the Mapusa Sub-registrar in the presence of BJP office bearers from Merces Hemant Golatkar and Prasad Kamat as witnesses though they were fully aware that the Vendor of the plot, Dharmanand Pandurang Kamat was a permanent resident of Delhi and not Merces as falsely stated in that sale deed.   

Pointing out that in the affidavit filed by Rajendra Arlekar on 9th February 2012 for the Assembly elections his total income for the year 2010-2011 was shown as Rs 2,76,671 while that of his wife Anagha Deshpande Arlekar who is a school teacher was Rs 5,87,186, Adv. Rodrigues has stated that the people of Goa need to know as to how his financial position suddenly blossomed and from where Rajendra Arlekar obtained the 72 lakhs in just over a year after becoming Speaker of the Goa Legislative Assembly.Anagha Deshpande  Arlekar is a teacher at Vaddem Nagar English High School at Vasco of which Rajendra Arlekar is also the Chairman.Adv. Rodrigues has stated that it was an irony that while Speaker Rajendra Arlekar had paid a massive Rs 72 lakhs for a 500 sq mt plot, the Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar had grabbed in the same adjoining neighborhood 599 sq mts of prime Communidade land for a mere Rs. 3,41,320.

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