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RTI activist to stage protest on CIC appointment

Adv. Aires Rodrigues has today stated that the high-handed and questionable appointment of Leena Mehendale as Goa’s Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) would now be taken to the people’s Court. 

Addressing a press conference at Panaji today, Adv. Aires Rodrigues announced that peaceful black flag demonstrations would be held to protest against Leena Mehendale’s appointment as CIC.

Adv. Rodrigues further stated that challenging her appointment before the Supreme Court would not be in public interest as the state exchequer would be further burdened by Rs 75,000 per hearing which would conveniently be pocketed by the Advocate General.

Stating that this government was on one side clamouring and blowing the trumpet of Special Status for Goa, Adv. Rodrigues stated that it was despicable that on the other hand another migrant from Maharashtra was being imported to ensure that a pliable CIC was in place. 

Adv. Rodrigues stated that one of the ways to demonstrate that Goa does deserves special status was by showing that Goans are capable enough to take up responsibilities in Administration, Governance, and Management. 

Adv. Rodrigues questioned the wisdom of this government to appoint an outsider when Goa had abundant persons having the eminence and capability of being the CIC. 

Ridiculing the Goa Government for being unable to find a Goan to occupy the coveted post of CIC, Adv. Rodrigues stated that every other State had only appointed locals to the post.

Pointing out that Leena Mehendale was very closely connected with the controversial Ramnathi based Sanatan Sanstha, Adv. Rodrigues stated that such a person could not be trusted with such a high position and demanded to know why the required Intelligence Bureau and Vigilance checks were not carried out before appointing Leena Mehendale.

Accusing Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar of working overtime to scuttle the implementation of the RTI Act, Adv. Rodrigues wondered whether the government websites were non functional under the guise that they have been hacked only to deny people access to information.  
Expressing concern that most of the government websites were currently either dysfunctional or not updated, Adv. Rodrigues reminded the Chief Minister that the RTI Act mandates that all information should be displayed and regularly updated on all the government websites.

Alleging that this government was not keen in curbing corruption, Adv. Rodrigues vowed that any attempt by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to weaken the Right to Information Act would be opposed tooth and nail.

Rubbishing Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s claims that a lot of  candidates of the minority community were recruited in Government service, Adv. Rodrigues has challenged the Chief Minister to release the list of all persons recruited and promoted by this Government from March 9th last year to date which would clearly prove how saffronised the administration had become.

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