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RTI Reveals BJP proposed candidate Nadkarni’s Bio-Data Falsified

The proposed candidate of the BJP-led government for the post of Goa State Information Commissioner P R Nadkarni in his application has falsely inflated his biodata. This has been revealed in the information obtained by Adv. Aires Rodrigues from the Information Department under the Right to Information Act.

P.R.Nadkarni in his bio-data had stated that he was a member on the Local Managing committee of S.S.Dempo College of Commerce and Economics from 1996 to date and that he also is a Member of the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Board.

Verifying that Nadkarni is neither a member of the Local Managing Committee of S.S. Dempo College of Commerce nor a member of the Goa Board, Adv. Rodrigues has demanded that  Nadkarni’s entire bio-data be now examined by an independent authority to check the authenticity of its contents.

Adv. Rodrigues has stated that he had made inquiries in P.R. Nadkarni’s hometown of Dharbandoda about his academic proficiency and that the initial reports were very disturbing.

The documents obtained under the RTI Act has also revealed that the
advertisement calling for applications for the post of Information Commissioner was issued on 17th April and that Pandurang Nadkarni submitted his application only on 30th April which was the last day for submitting applications. The documents also reveal that P.R.Nadkarni had resigned from his current job as Director of Manipal Academy of Health & Education before applying for the post of State Information Commissioner.

“Has the Chief Minister guaranteed the job of Information Commissioner to Pandurang Nadkarni as a trade off on the MOI issue ?” questions Adv. Rodrigues. Pandurang Nadkarni who is a prominent leader of Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch (BBSM) was the petitioner in the MOI petition before the Bombay High Court recently. 

Stating that Section 15 (6) of the Right to Information Act requires that the State Information Commissioner shall not be connected with any political party, Adv. Rodrigues has alleged that P.R. Nadkarni had in his application not disclosed his close association with the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Interestingly the minutes of the meeting of the pre-selection Committee headed by Chief Secretary held on 17th May 2012 states that the committee considered 28 applications. However the records show that only 26 had applied for the post. The identity of the other two candidates is not known

Meanwhile, the file recommending P.R Nadkarni’s name as State Information Commissioner is being sent to the Goa Raj Bhavan for Governor B.V.Wanchoo’s approval. The Governor is the appointing authority and administers the oath to the Information Commissioner. The Governor can accept or reject the name proposed by the Government for the post of State Information Commissioner.

Reiterating that it was now abundantly clear that the recommendation of P.R. Nadkarni’s name for the post of Information Commissioner was politically motivated and based on nepotism rather than merit, Adv. Rodrigues has once again publicly appealed to Governor Wanchoo to direct the Goa Government to re-examine the entire selection process so that, as required by law, only a highly competent person is appointed as the Information Commissioner.

Adv. Rodrigues has also stated that the State Information Commissioner being a quasi-judicial authority, it would be impossible for a person without wide knowledge and experience of law to function in the position.


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