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Ruling government is standing against democratic and constitutional principles: Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Saturday said that these are testing times for Indian Democracy.

In her message to people on Independence day, Sonia Gandhi said, ‘in the past 74 years of independence, we have, from time to time, tested our democratic values to strengthen Indian democracy. Today, it appears that the ruling government is standing against democratic and constitutional principles and established traditions. These are testing times for the Indian democracy.’

Calling on the people of the country to introspect as to what is the meaning of freedom, she said, ‘Today every countryman needs to introspect as to what freedom means to them? Is there freedom in the country today to write, to speak, to ask questions, disagree, to put forward their views and to seek accountability? As a responsible opposition, it is our duty to ensure Indian’s democratic credentials are protected.”

Paying tribute to 20 Indian soldiers killed in border conflict with China in Ladakh and the violent faceoff in Galwan Valley on June 15, Mrs Gandhi called on the government to give them the rightful honour due to them.

“Sixty days have passed since Col Santosh Babu and other soldiers sacrificed their lives in Galwan Valley. I bow before their bravery and urge the government to honour them.

Protecting Indian territory and foiling Chinese intrusion attempts will be the biggest tribute to them,’ she said.

The Congress president said India is known world over not only for its democratic values and diversity, but also for working unitedly when faced with a difficult situation.

“Today, the entire world is battling the coronavirus pandemic. India will have to work together to defeat this pandemic. I can say with full confidence that together we can overcome this pandemic and the economic crisis that we face,’ she said.

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