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Russian Embassy concerned over NBC reports about US support for Ukrainian units in Crimea

Washington: The Russian Embassy in the United States has voiced concern over the NBC reports about the US support for Ukrainian units fighting Russian forces on the Crimean Peninsula.

On Monday, the NBC News broadcaster reported that the United States had armed the Ukrainian forces to help them fight the Russian units in Crimea. Some current and former US officials have reportedly admitted the fact that such assistance took place, adding that it allegedly prompted Russia to place bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan in retaliation.

“The embassy is seriously concerned over the information from the reports of NBC News about the US links to the ‘Ukrainian units fighting Russian forces in Crimea,’” the embassy said on late Thursday in a statement posted on its Facebook page.

From the embassy’s point of view, the unnamed US officials in fact confirmed that Washington was supporting terrorist activities in third countries, particularly in Russia.
”If this information is true (not geographical short sightedness of the broadcaster), we demand that the US party must clarify whether Washington was involved in direct or indirect assistance for the Ukrainian Security Service in organizing terror attacks against the people of Crimea,” the diplomatic mission added.

Crimea re-joined Russia on March 18, 2014, after 97% of those participating in a regional referendum voted for the reunification. Ukraine and the majority of Western countries continue to consider Crimea as Ukrainian territory, accusing Russia of its illegal annexation. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the issue of Crimea’s territorial belonging is “historically closed,” since Crimean residents decided to re-join Russia in accordance with democratic procedures.

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