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Russian Foreign Ministry calls for resuming military-political dialogue in Arctic region

Moscow, Nov 29 (GCCurrentAffairs) Russia proposes establishing contact between Arctic nations’ military experts as the first step toward resuming the full-scale military and political regional dialogue, and it favors annual meetings of the Arctic Council member states’ chiefs of general staff in particular, the Foreign Ministry’s ambassador-at-large for international Arctic cooperation, Nikolai Korchunov, has said in an interview with Sputnik.

“In the interests of resuming cooperation, we propose, as the first step, establishing contact at the level of the Arctic nations military experts, who could discuss all the aspects related to risks, challenges and threats of the military or the so-called hard security,” Korchunov said.

He added that annual meetings of the chiefs of general staff could contribute to regional stability.

“Noting the need to strengthen trust and mutual understanding, and to prevent all kinds of escalation, we push for resuming a full-scale military and political dialogue of the Arctic nations for discussing the so-called hard security. Annual meetings of the chiefs of general staff of the Arctic Council member states’ armed forces could be an efficient mechanism for maintaining regional stability,” Korchunov said.

The first deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council, Yury Averyanov, called in late September for resuming annual meetings of the chiefs of general staff of the Arctic nations, stressing that this would contribute to regional peace and low political tensions.

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