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Russian Minor Rape Accused Acquitted

The children’s court on Monday acquitted Aman Bharadwaj and Anil Raghuvanshi of charges of sexually assaulting a minor Russian girl by giving them the benefit of doubt. The case had drawn international attention after the child’s mother complained that while Anil distracted her, his accomplice Aman raped her minor daughter who was playing in the water.
Medical investigation did confirm the rape and Aman went underground after the incident and was arrested in Chembur, Mumbai on 30th January, four days after the incident while Anil was nabbed at the Kadamba bus stand Panjim.

Anil was named approver in the case that was posted for speedy trial and both the accused had confessed to the crime.
The minor testifying in the court disclosed that she had resisted Aman’s moves but he proved to be too strong for her.
However, even though the prosecution examined 38 witnesses it could not prove the crime beyond reasonable doubts thereby giving them the benefit of doubt.

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