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Russian Molested, Telugu Arrested

Following a complaint by a Russian woman of molestation, police arrested 20-year old native of Andhra Pradesh Sai Kiran.
The incident occurred on Sunday evening when Sai Kiran was playing football at the Arambol beach along with two other friends. When the ball landed near the Russian woman who was alone on the beach, Sai Kiran went to fetch it and struck a conversation with her.
When she tried to oblige Sai Kiran’s request for a cigarette, he molested her and after the woman screamed for help, her husband and police who were nearby rushed to her aid.

Police managed to nab Sai Kiran who was trying to run away but his other two friends did the disappearing act.
In an earlier incident, on 1st October last year, a British woman was molested at the same beach by a youth from Sawantwadi, the neighbouring district of Maharashtra.
What is significant is that in most of these case of molestation of foreign tourists the accused are Indian tourists while Goa gets a bad name of being unsafe for tourists.


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