Sachin Vaze: An Honest Officer?

While Sachin Vaze the suspicious cop of Mumbai Police got arrested by NIA on Saturday night and sent to NIA custody till March 25th, Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut is busy hailing Mumbai Poilce. Sachin Vaze has reportedly named Shiv Sena leaders in Antilia explosive case. Today Raut claimed that Vaze is a very honest and capable. officer. According to Raut “ He has been arrested in connection with gelatin sticks that were found in a car parked outside Antilia. It’s Mumbai Police ‘s responsibility to investigate the matter. No central team was needed”. Raut also tweeted that while he respects the central agencies, Mumbai Police could have also got the work done. He also accused the central agencies for creating instability in the state and putting unnecessary pressure on Mumbai Police and administration.

Surprisingly this statement of Raut comes at the same time when Vaze who was the former leader of Shiv Sena himself, allegedly named other Shiv Sena leaders in the Antilia case.  According to Vaze, he is just a trivial in this case, some policemen and Shiv Sena leaders had a bigger role.

Interestingly, today a news comes up that the white Innova car following the explosive-laden Scorpio car which was found outside Antilia was recovered from outside Mumbai Police Commissioner office. The car which belong to Mumbai Police was being used by Vaze himself. Now it was said that the numberplate  of Innova did not have any official records, which reveal that numberplate wa fake.

There are several aspects to this entire investigation. First the fact that there is a fake number plate that was actually being used in this abandoned car. They’ve recovered multiple fake numbetplates, it now turns out that we have another police officer of Mumbai Police, which is now basically under the scanner of the NIA.  A colleague of Sachin Vaze who is also being interrogated by NIA and the agency essentially suspects that he perhaps played the role of getting these numberplates. His questioning is underway.

Having said that the NIA right now wants to find out that in this entire racket whether more people involved in this other than Sachin Vaze? They suspects that there could be more people like senior IPS officers who perhaps could also be involved in this case. What is the motive right now in planting the explosives is still not known. According to NIA the investigation is right now at a preliminary stage and perhaps its going to take some more time.

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