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Sada Church Vandalised

Thieves broke into the St. Francis Xavier Church at Sada and vandalized it on finding nothing worth stealing as the donation box was emptied that evening by the church authorities.
The thieves broke open the side door to enter the church and found the donation box empty. They then vandalized the sacristy and also the statue of Our Lady of Piety in the church.

Parish Priest Fr. Frank Pinto said parish youth who were working on decorating the church for Christmas, after fishing their work had slept in the church hall and latched the side door.

The thieves besides vandalizing the Blessed Sacrament kept in the tabernacle in the Sacristy also brought down the statue of Our Lady of Piety from the altar on which it is placed.
They also damaged two two-wheelers parked outside the church, which according to Deputy Superintendent of Police Umesh Gaonkar, must have been done out of frustration on finding nothing to steal.


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