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Sada Jailbirds Go On A Rampage

Three inmates of Sada Sub-Jail were injured after four of them went on a rampage destroying a computer, window panes and some office files on Tuesday afternoon after they were brought back from a court hearing.
The four inmates involved are Chandrakant Talwar, Sayron Rodrigues, Ameya Anand Shirodkar and Amogh Prakash Naik with the first three sustaining injuries.
Chandrakant Talwar and Sayron Rodrigues were arrested by Goa Crime Branch in Mumbai for alleged involvement in serial killing of women, while Amogh Prakash Naik and Ameya Anand Shirodkar are accused in a murder case in Ponda.

When the injured Sayron and Amey were being taken for medical examination, they jumped from the vehicle and manhandled media persons present.
Superintendent of Jail Levinson Martins and Deputy Superintendent of Police Mahesh Gaonkar rushed to the jail along with additional security force and they were also abused by Chandrakant and Amongh.
Levinson Martins while ruling out gang rivalry to be the reason for the incident, opined that the new rules in the jail could be a reason. Besides introducing closed circuit television and mobile jammers, the jail authorities have also become very strict particularly after a knife went missing from the mess a couple of days ago, which is yet to be recovered.

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