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SAFF Movies on 20th September

The following films will be screened on 20th September, the last day of the South Asian Film Festival currently underway at Panjim:

At Kala Academy:

11:00 am Brishti Bheja Akash a film from Bangladesh directed by Sohanur Rehman is the story of Akash and Brishti’s love that makes them go against their parents’ wishes to marry and set their own house. However, tragedy strikes when Akash is diagnosed to be suffering from brain tumour. Will the family reconcile of will Brishti have to pay the price for giving up her family for the sake of her love?

1:30 pm Mukti from Pakistan directed by Ehtesham Uddin chronicles the trials, tribulations and exhilaration of a Sikh boy taking his mother to Pakistan to reunite with her muslim husband after his father on his death bed confesses that he had lied in order to marry the muslim woman even though her husband and daughter were alive in Pakistan.

2:30 pm Bambara Walalla from Sri Lanka directed by Athula Liyanage, is the story of Podi Eka who is rescued by Mal a coffin maker after the former was beaten and left for dead. As he starts working for Mal, Podi Eka tries to come to term with the deep wounds left on his psyche and how his life changes following Mal’s death is revealed at the end.

5:00 pm 49th Day from Bhutan directed by Namgay Retty is the story of a woman rushing to the city to find her missing daughter. However, she meets with an accident and dies, but her spirit finds her daughter in a critical condition. Can she get the living to save her daughter?

7:30 pm Ashayein from India directed by Nagesh Kukunoor with John Abraham in the lead is the story of Rahul, a compulsive gambler who discovers new meaning of fortune and life through a dramatic turn of events. The movie shows Rahul’s journey from darkness to light, a journey about love, hate, life, death and above all hope.

At Entertainment Society of Goa – Screen I

11:00 am Dalamarmarangal (Whispers of Petals) from India directed by Vijaykrishnan. This Malayalam film makes the point that love is the only antidote to violence through the stories of three different girls – Aswathi, a textile shop employee living with her bed-ridden mother representing the poor section; Kartika the girl loved abundantly by her parents representing the middle class and Rohini the rich girl representing the upper class.

1:30 pm Well Done Abba from India directed by Shyam Benegal and featuring Boman Irani is an excellent film that won the National Award in India recently. The film unravels what happens to Armaan Ali, a driver working in Mumbai when he returns to his native place for one month to find a suitable groom for his daughter.

4:15 pm Beyond Tradition from India, directed by Rajesh S Jala and Sharmistha Mukherjee is the quest of a classical dancer to create a new dance that is reflective of the concerns and sensibilities of contemporary India while still showcasing the rich beauty and appeal of Indian classical dance.

5:30 pm Basundhara from India directed by Hiren Bora is the story of a NGO called Basundhara that is trying to resolve the eternal battle of man against the animal in Sundarpur where the elephants are ravaging the village. Will Basundhara succeed?

7”45 pm Theja from Sri Lanka directed by Nilanth Hapanweera unfolds the oppressive management tactics and pathetic working conditions that were enforced at the garment factories of the Free Trade Zone. The film shows the struggle of Theja a worker at the factory, to form a union following her husband’s death.

At Entertainment Society of Goa – Screen II

11:00 am Sakman Maluwa (The Garden) from Sri Lanka directed by Sumira Peries sensitively depicts a marital relationship in which a surface contentment marks the inherent separateness of the couple. The differences between Tissa and Prema, a purportedly contented married couple, come to fore when Tissa’s brother Ranjan arrives from Russia. The drama unfolds in the garden which is Tissa’s preoccupation.

1:30 pm The Sound of Silence from Bangladesh directed by Mofidul Hoque is a film that explores the dividing line between sanity and insanity through the lone struggle of Debdas and makes a powerful statement of how even one lonely person can made a big difference to society.

2:30 pm Gurmukh Singh ki Wasiyat from Pakistan directed by Sharjil Baroch is based on a short story by Saadat Hasan Manto and is about Milan Sahab a retired judge from Amritsar who refused to migrate to Pakistan during the partition due to his faith in his Sikh neighbor Gurmukh Singh. Is the faith honoured or not is what the film is all about.

3:30 pm Jinni from Maldives directed by Abdul Faththaah is a film about Javid’s dilemma when he falls in love with his neighbor Thahoo while pursuing his higher studies in an island away from home. Javid finds it difficult to cope with Thahoo’s dual personality and is slowly losing his sanity. Does he retain it or not is what the film reveals.

6:15 pm An Apple from Paradise the opening film of the festival directed by Hamayoun Marawat from Afghanistan is a portrayal of the wrong interpretation of religion which is currently at a crossroads and also an a reflection of the conflict in Afghanistan society that is currently disoriented. The film tells the story of an old man visiting Kabul to commiserate with his son who has lost his two sons in the ‘holy’ war with the Soviets. The betrayal by the mullah in whose custody the child was placed to learn the Koran, but instead the child was used as suicide bomber and understanding this betrayal is the theme of the movie.

8:00 pm Priotomoshu from Bangladesh directed by Morshedul Islam is a film in which the unique personality and lone struggle of Debdas unfolds. The film questions the borderline between sanity and insanity. The film underlines the importance to know about many people’s contribution in the liberation struggle and how a lone person can make such powerful protest.

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