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SAFF Movies to be Screened on 19th September

Following are the films to be screened on 19th September at the South Asian Film Festival currently underway at Panjim:


11:00 am Khushu Tara from Bhutan directed by Karma Deki is a movie about unrequited love and women’s  eternal search for love that embodies their very existence.

1:00 pm I want a Horse not a Wife from Afghanistan directed by Houmayon Paiz is a movie about Zai a 10-year-old boy living in a refugee camp who is selected to act in a movie by an American film crew. On returning home his father informs him that he has brought a bride for Zal and a horse for his brother. Zal wants the horse and not the bride for which is he reproved.


1:45 pm Jinni from Maldives directed by Abdul Faththaah is a film about Javid’s dilemma when he falls in love with his neighbor Thahoo while pursuing his higher studies in an island away from home. Javid finds it difficult to cope with Thahoo’s dual personality and is slowly losing his sanity. Does he retain it or not is what the film reveals.

4:30 pm Gurmukh Singh ki Wasiyat from Pakistan directed by Sharjil Baroch is based on a short story by Saadat Hasan Manto and is about Milan Sahab a retired judge from Amritsar who refused to migrate to Pakistan during the partition due to his faith in his Sikh neighbor Gurmukh Singh. Is the faith honoured or not is what the film is all about.

5:30 pm Priotomeshu (Love and Repulsion) from Bangladesh directed by Morshodul Islam is a story of two friends intertwined in a series of mishaps also about the struggle of self-pursuit and an episode on two women’s recovery from mortification.

7:45 pm Sakman Maluwa (The Garden) from Sri Lanka directed by Sumira Peries sensitively depicts a marital relationship in which a surface contentment marks the inherent separateness of the couple. The differences between Tissa and Prema, a purportedly contented married couple, come to fore when Tissa’s brother Ranjan arrives from Russia. The drama unfolds in the garden which is Tissa’s preoccupation.

At Entertainment Society of Goa – Screen I

11:00 am Turgot from India directed by Dr. Bupendra Kamam is about the struggle of Pakhila and Tarun who are victims of a devastating flood that has swept Majuli, the biggest river island in the world where they lived.

1:00 pm Kala Pul from Pakistan directed by Saqib Masoof deals with the turmoil prevalent in Karachi post 9/11 where families are getting divided over America. Arsalan, returns to Karachi to probe the death of his younger brother and is confronted with his family’s hostility over his American father, and surveillance by FBI agents.

2:00 pm Bird Catcher from India directed by Majeed Gulistan is an educational film bringing home the realities of global warming, climatic changes, de-forestation and extinction of exotic species and rare herbs through the tale of a tribal boy saving a Forest Officer’s son trapped by poachers.

4:00 pm Match Factor from Pakistan directed by Maheen Zia is the story of Ahmed, a young football player from Iraq comes to Berlin to participate in a FIFA charity match. His sudden disappearance is being probed as a possible case of defection.

4:30 pm Gangajatra (The Journey) from Bangladesh directed by Syed Ohiduzzawan is a poignant film about Rupa, a sex worker who wants to get out of her world after giving birth to a girl. The film brings out the stark reality of how people from all strata of society, irrespective of their religion visit brothels for their sexual pleasures, but treat the sex worker as an untouchable when she dies.

6:00 pm Tum Milo Toh Sahi from India directed by Kabir Sadanand is a tale of three couples. Subramanium, a retired and cynical person learns about love when he meets a spirited Delshad; Amit and Anita are grappling with the proverbial mid-life crisis and Bikramjeet who wants to enjoy life meets Shalini in Mumbai. What happens to them is what the film is about.

At Entertainment Society of Goa – Screen II

11:00 am Yeh Hindustan Who Pakistan from Pakistan directed by directed by Ehtesham is set in the bloody period of partition shows boding amongst women from across the borders of the two country. Lajwanti, a Hindu lady from India has been abducted by muslims from Pakistan and kept in their village. However, her abductors wife Amma sympathises with Lajwanti and how the two defy the men is the crux of the film.

12:00 noon Beyond Tradition from India, directed by Rajesh S Jala and Sharmistha Mukherjee is the quest of a classical dancer to create a new dance that is reflective of the concerns and sensibilities of contemporary India while still showcasing the rich beauty and appeal of Indian classical dance.

1:15 pm Rooshanek from Afghanistan directed by Homayoun Payiz tells the tale of Rooshanek, a young Afghan teacher who wants to start a school for girls in her village. Except for her mother, all others are opposed to her idea and how she overcomes all the obstacles is what the movie tells.

2:00 pm Kaagbeni from Nepal directed by Bhushan Dahal is a movie about friendship, betrayal and revenge unraveled through Krishna who has returned to his village after spending a long time in Malaysia. While on a journey to a neighbouring village with his friend Ramesh, Krishna is offered a gift by a hermit and this triggers of unexpected events.

4:30 pm 49th Day from Bhutan directed by Namgay Retty is the story of a woman rushing to the city to find her missing daughter. However, she meets with an accident and dies, but her spirit finds her daughter in a critical condition. Can she rescue her daughter?

7:00 pm Neighbour the film directed by Zubair Fanghand from Afghanistan. This film based on a true incident traces the travails of Omer an Afghani forced to live in refugee camp at Safaid Sang where he and the other inmates struggle to preserve their sense of dignity against the sneering superiority of the Iranian officers. This film is the first serious attempt from Afghanistan to depict the life of its citizens living in refugee camps.

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