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Sagar Kavach Inconveniences Public, Sham Says Manohar

The second Sagar Kavach which commenced on Thursday cause a lot of hardships to office goers and even students as the Indian Coast Guard along with the Indian Navy and Coastal Police of Goa Police undertook the mock drill to check the authorities’ preparedness for any untoward incident.
Traffic at many places was in disarray as police began checking vehicles as part of the exercise which was last conducted in October last year.
Traffic snarls were the order of the day at major junctions and panic gripped different places as stories of bombs began floating around since the authorities had also planted fake bombs at some places to test how the agencies react to such incidents.

Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar slammed the exercise terming it a sham. He questioned the wisdom in erecting barricades at areas known to be bottlenecks, which he said instead of checking the police’s preparedness to counter terrorist attack only revealed their inability to handle the growing traffic in the state.
Besides, he also accused the police of not being watchful and instead of looking out for suspicious looking vehicles or their occupants, were more engrossed in exchanging gossip with one another.

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