Salad Days – The Healthy Food Delivery Startup Expands Operations to Noida, Refreshes its Menu

There is a good news for healthy and organic food lovers of Noida as Salad Days – the healthy food startup recently expanded its operations in the city, after leading the market of healthy food in Gurgaon & South Delhi. Conceptualized by XLRI Jamshedpur alumnus, Varun Madan, “Salad Days” was founded with a vision to offer authentic salads as complete meals, and not just sides.

Commenting on the start, Varun, Founder, Salad Days said, “Back in 2013, we realized that there is a clear white space in the market for genuine healthy food, which is tasty and filling too. The customers didn’t have any clear option that served raw food as full meals. And the commonly available salads and subs were not healthy because they were loaded with creams and mayonnaise. Hence, we introduced and array of salads served with extra virgin olive oil based vinaigrettes – which is the right way to have them.”

Over the years, they expanded their menu with other thought-through and relevant healthy categories like cold pressed juices, smoothies, pita pockets, baguette sandwiches and sugarless desserts. “We are foolishly focused about our brand positioning, which is healthy food only; and that is not going to change,” he says.

Salad Days has been pioneering with innovations be it in food, packaging or communication with customers. With their recent most geographical expansion to Noida, Salad Days has also rebooted its menu by adding many exciting flavors of salads and dressings. With summers in full swing, some of the additions includemango-based salads & desserts for fruit lovers, slow baked pumpkins for local food admirers and a play of south Indian flavors and smoothie bowls for the experiment lovers – to name a few.

“A salad is as good as it’s ingredients are and as exciting as it’s dressing is. The recipe is right in front of our eyes. What differentiates is the quality of ingredients,” Varun says. In order to provide with the freshest experience, Salad Days perseveringly operates a farm (called Salad Days Farm) where they grow exotic vegetables, herbs, strawberries & melons using only organic methods of agriculture.

Salad Days delivers a stirring variety of healthy salads in Gurgaon, South Delhi and now in Noida through a network of four kitchens and a team of over 100 people. Salad Days has maintained the position of the market leader in healthy food category and has also been awarded as the best healthy restaurant in Delhi NCR by Zomato.

As the healthy foods market is fast picking up in India, Salad Days is all set to grow. In the past, the food startup has received an undisclosed amount of funding from Japanese HNIs. In near future, Salad Days is poised to penetrate further in Delhi NCR and expand in other geographies by way of newer integrated business models. They are also adamant on building even stronger networks with local farming communities in order to promote the latter and realize their own dreams.

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