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Salam Goenkar To Showcase Traditional Arts

Salam Goenkar, a fashion show for the Goan artisans to be held next month, will highlight the traditional artisans and their skills and craftsmanship.
Addressing media persons Goan fashion designer Verma D’Mello said in Goa, the artisans are perfect example of a breed that is building on the era gone by and coming of age in the present. Though highly overlooked they can be considered as the flowers of the wild with celestial essence, she said.

Ms Verma D’mello, who is arranging the fashion show in collaboration with the Entertainment Society of Goa, futher said the traditional farmers, bakers, potters, basket weavers, rope makers, kunbi weavers, toddy tappers and carpenters form the core of traditional occupations that outline the Konkan belt.
These occupations are deeply rooted into the Goan culture and are highly instrumental in putting Goa on the international map with its famed handicrafts. In short, these artisans are the jewels that embellish and distinguish the rich cultural heritage of Goa, she said.
The four rounds of the fashion show will showcase all necessary aspects of the creative and unblemished work of the artisians, she added.


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