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‘Sale Permit’ Mandatory For Ore Traded Within The State

From now onwards, the State Mines and Geology Department has made it compulsory to have ‘sale permit’ for the ore traded within the state.

To avoid use of illegally extracted iron ore by the domestic industry, the department has issued a circular stating that the application for the issuance of sale permit should be made by the leaseholder or trader to the Director of Mines and Geology Department.

Mines Director Prasanna Acharya said that such a regulatory framework is required to ensure that the illegally extracted ore is not sold to the domestic industry and further added that the new regulation will be enforced from 10th May.

The ore export from Goa is regulated by issuance of NOCs by the department to exporters.

He further informed that the sale of ore for trading or domestic consumption within Goa is unregistered which leaves scope for malpractice and further added that the new rule would ensure that illegally extracted ore is not sold in the market.

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