Samriddhi – 2011 Underway

Samriddhi – an annual national conference organised by the students of Goa Institute of Management began on 19th August. This year the main focus is on an unassuming and upcoming market of rural India through its theme ‘Business in Rural Markets’ covering the scope, strategies and problems faced by companies in addressing this potential market.

This year, it brought a new insight into the rural markets of India. There has been a growing emphasis on the need and importance of the empowerment of rural India over the last couple of years, due to which the economy has been showing remarkable growth. The opportunities and benefits in this sector are immense but so are the challenges.

The conference showcased some of the best minds of the country and played host to delegates and dignitaries from some of the biggest corporate names in India. Some of the prominent speakers included Murali Vullaganti, CEO, Rural Shores, Dilip Ranjekar, CEO AzimPremji Foundation, Ravi Venkataraman, CFO, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. and Prof. Mithileshwar Jha, Faculty of Marketing at IIM Bangalore among others.

The speakers debated over various issues in the rural market, consumer behaviour, rural finance and enterprises, supply chain management and the role of IT for the rural consumer. In addition to being a business meet and thought platform, day two and three of Samriddhi will feature students from some of the top institutes in the country battle at different competitions. A business plan contest, case study competition and an online quiz will be held to examine the entrepreneurial instinct, business know-how and wits of participants. In addition, a photography contest, advertisement fest and simulation games will test the ability of participants to think on their feet and unleash another side of creativity. Samriddhi will also conduct a business plan workshop.

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