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Sand Boa Rescued From K’taka Bound Bus

Excise Department officials at the Polem check post on Tuesday were shocked to find a sand boa being smuggled out of Goa. The reptile was later handed over to the Forest Department officials in the taluka.
On Monday night, Devanand Naik, an excise guard boarded a KSRTC bus for a routine check of baggage in order to prevent smuggling of alcohol across the State. He found a rightly bound bag in the bus and nobody claimed its ownership when asked.

After the bag was removed from the bus and opened, it was found to be filled with sand and buried in it was the sand boa known in Goa as malund. This non-poisonous snake known to feed on rats apparently fetches a high price going up to Rs. one lakh as its skin is used to prepare vanity bags and flesh is used in medicinal preparations.

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