Sanjivani Reducing Losses

While there is good news for the Sanjivani Sugar Factory (SSF) in Goa as it has reduced its losses, it is not yet time to cheer as the production has shown a declining trend.
In the last three years, SSF has successfully cut down its losses which were Rs. 760.77 lakhs in 2007-2008 to Rs. 24.10 lakhs in 2009-2010. This was possible primarily because of export of sugar and also because the factory sold “press mud” along with the molasses.

SSF has earned Rs. 14 crore from export of sugar that had stockpiled in its godown and while earlier the factory had to pay to get rid of the “press mud” over the last three years the same has been purchased thereby bringing in revenue instead of being the cause of additional expenditure.
However, production of sugar at the factory is showing a declining trend. While in 2007-2008 1,46,155 quintals of sugar was produced at the factor, it dropped to 82,037 during the last financial year.
SSF has to rely upon sugarcane from the neighbouring States of Maharashtra and Karnataka as the sugarcane produced in Goa is not sufficient. Changing weather conditions has affected sugarcane crop all over the country.


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